Lean Construction

A focus on lean construction

The Wm.T. Spaeder Company strives to incorporate lean concepts into every project, regardless of size. Our goal is to identify and eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve the flow of information and materials.  

Short term planning

Although most projects have a project schedule, we implement short-term, "look-ahead" scheduling, which focuses on work being performed within the next three to four weeks. The schedule is developed by both project management and site supervision, and allows for careful coordination of project resources, including manpower, materials, tools, equipment and pre-fabrication activities.

Just-in-time deliveries

By implementing just-in-time planning, Spaeder ensures materials and equipment are delivered when they are needed for installation. As the materials are unloaded, they are taken directly to the area of final installation. This minimizes lost labor hours associated with excessive material handling and searching for materials.


Shop fabrication allows for work to be performed under ideal environmental conditions resulting in higher quality and production. The ability to produce completed spools and modular fabrications greatly enhances project efficiency. In many cases, the hours used for pre-fabrication represent a substantial portion of the overall project hours. Because of the reduction in on-site hours, less manpower, tooling, and equipment is required on-site resulting in a less congested project and improved site productivity for all trades.


A shared vision between all parties is a key concept of lean construction. When projects require the work of other trades, all parties involved collaborate to develop a model free of collisions, which is essential to improving productivity. 


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