Design & Coordination Services

Virtual design & construction

DesignThe Wm. T. Spaeder Company offers design assist focused on constructability to engineers and architects. We provide cost estimating, scan services to determine existing conditions as well as retrofit and re-engineering services.

Coordination services

Spaeder supports both 3D and 4D coordination and regularly hosts all trades with on-site, web-based, and in-office coordination services. We provide cloud data sharing to facilitate real-time information sharing between team members. From design to installation you have the information needed for project decisions.  

Bridging the gaps between existing and new construction

3D scanning and reality computing provide field installation information that the design and coordination teams can use to address unforeseen situations and accommodate changes during project construction. 

4D coordination services provide a digital model of your project based on your goals and project timeline, helping to facilitate efficient workflow and planning. Our coordinators, foremen and installers work together to bring proven fabrication and installation experience to every project. 

Expertise you can trust

  • Fully BIM compliant
  • Fully compatible with Revit
  • Advanced fabrication using Autodesk's CADmep
  • Provide 'total station' layout and data collection

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